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Brand: Dax SKU: 077315000421
Works best on shorter styles.Comb or brush until desired wave or style is created.Locks in moisture and adds shineGreat for straight, curly, or coarse hairApply to wet or dry hair...
Brand: Dax SKU: 077315009059
DAX Short & Neat is the perfect light hair dress for the short, natural look. It’s enriched with a blend of oils to nourish your hair and add shine. Great for all hair types and short to medium length hair. Benefits:Coconut Oil Excellent conditioner that helps with hair growth and adds shine.Cas..
Brand: Dax SKU: 077315000056
Beeswax and natural oil formulaStrong hold without buildup or drying of hairUse for dreadlocks, braids, molding and sculptingBest used on short hair..
Brand: Dax SKU: 800905
Use Dax Hair Shaper to sculpt, scrunch and define desired short to medium length hair styles.Properties and Benefits:A medium hold cream/paste pomade that gives hair an effortless volume.Has the ability to create the most exceptional styles.Conditions and helps reduce breakage and frizz.He..
Brand: Dax SKU: 800910
Dax Wax neat is great for a neat shiny business look. The medium weight, tough and sticky consistency also manages to tame thin, normal or curly hair quite well. The hairstyle keeps its shape all day. The gloss does not dry out. ..
Brand: Dax SKU: 077315009042
Dax Wax Red for a Superior HoldBrings out the natural wave pattern in shorter hair styles. Can be used for spiking, sculpting and creating solid definition. Best applied on clean, damp or dry hair...
Brand: Dax SKU: 800901
Dax WAx Super neat purple for a medium to light holdA water rinse able hair creme, containing conditioning oils to help maintain healthy hair and scalp. It has the ability to create a soft, natural look. Washes out easily with water. ..
Brand: Dax SKU: 800906
Water soluble wax formula. Makes DAX Washable Hair Wax an everyday styling product. As strong as a regular wax but can be easily washed out. Works best on short styles.How to use:Place desired amount of Dax Hair Wax into hands and rub between palms until even. Apply to clean, damp or dry hair for sp..
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