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It’s a story of commitment, not only to being at the forefront of innovation but also to family and tradition. Kemon is true to itself and visionary: hair fashion becomes a lifestyle choice and the products an expert blend of science and nature. Beauty is uniqueness and melds substance and form, like the two sides of the same coin.
San Giustino, Umbria, 1959: Kemon is born. A company that has been at the forefront in developing the Italian concept of beauty for more than 50 years. Putting its heart and soul into this endeavour, Kemon has brought together tradition and research, craft and experimentation, new methodologies and creative drive. The results are natureinspired, high-quality hair products and educational tools that create the professionals of the future.
A patented blend of plant extracts resulting from extensive scientific research conducted by Kemon in collaboration with Vivacell Biotechnology (Denzlingen, Germany) and the University of Ferrara. Studies have demonstrated that “specific blends of extracts of Mullein, Helichrysum, Flax and Dyer’s Chamomile, produced using plants grown by Kemon […], possess noteworthy anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics”, and that the patented Velian Complex blend produces an important synergistic effect, with results greater than those expected from the sum of the individual extracts. *Conducted by Kemon in collaboration with Vivacell Biotechnology laboratories (Denzlingen, Germany) and the University of Ferrara.
anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & antioxidant
Starting from September 2018, Velian Complex will be gradually included in our product formulations to enhance their performance overall, and add significant antioxidant, emollient, soothing and protective effects to their activity.