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Composed of amino acids, argan oil and keratin ensuring stronger, smoother hair without frizz - and looks absolutely natural.


Brand: Kerasmooth SKU: KST1
Kerasmooth1 Deep Cleanse has been specially formulated to remove from the hair, day-today build up as well as residue left by styling products.This cleansing shampoo is therefore essential in preparing the hair for a professional keratin treatment.Suitable for all hair types including chemically tre..
Brand: Kerasmooth SKU: KST6
Kerasmooth 2 plus is a stronger formula than the original kerasmooth,containing an advanced unique formula for straight hair effect.Kerasmooth 2 plus key ingredients, like a blend of acid proteins that guarantee straight effect and unique shine, resulting in an incomparable hair treatment...
Brand: Kerasmooth SKU: KST3
KERASMOOTH TREATMENT SHAMPOO is a luxury shampoo formulated to extend the straightening and smoothing effect of hair treatedWith a balanced pH level his incredible, luxurious shampoo promotes a rich foam, cleansing and treating the hair completely leaving a healthy lustrous shine. • Good f..
Brand: Kerasmooth SKU: KST4
Kerasmooth Conditioner contains low weight silicas that offer excellent combing and creates a layer in order to protect your hair from daily aggression...
Brand: Kerasmooth SKU: KST5
Kerasmooth Mask is rich, soy protein, wheat protein, keratin and silk amino acids. Low ph this intensive mask rebuilds the capillary fibre and seals the hair cuticle in a few minutes.Directions:Apply 30g in palm of hand, massage on wet and clean hair during 3 minutes. Wait for 10 minutes with heat, ..
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